Marina Bay Sands


I was on a business trip to Singapore a few months ago and had a chance to stay at Marina Bay Sands. I stayed at premier room in tower 1. Was supposed to stay at Deluxe room but it was fully booked, hence the premier room.

The hotel building was huge. There was over a thousand rooms. My room was at the first tower with garden view. If i had┬áto book the room myself, and if I were on a vacation, I think I would choose tower 2 or 3 for their city view. I didn’t ┬áspend much time in the room this time, anyways… so it was okay. Here are the room photos.

Garden view:

I did checked out the casino (Singapore actually allows Muslim to enter into a casino). I imagined it would be something like Vegas in TV (hahah… Not!). My non-Muslim colleague said, the casino looks like those in Genting and Macau. Guest are not allowed to take any photos inside. So no photos here.

The lobby was kinda crowded. I expected that as I saw multiple reviews in tripadvisor saying the same thing. I think it was because MBS opens their Sky Park to public (at a┬áfee. Hotel guest can enter for free) and there’s a mall adjacent to the hotel.


If you are planning to stay at MBS, do make booking in advance a few weeks/ months ahead. Though they so many room (thousands), the rooms can be highly occupied or full. On my third day there, I heard they were full house!


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