I wanna go here again!

Our stay for 5 days

Villa area
Villa area


Happy first anniversary! ÔŁĄ Lunch in Fira
On top of the world. Oia.


A photo during suset at Oia sunset viewing point


On a live volcano!
On a live volcano!


An afternoon in Oia


Good morning Santorini!


From our villa


Fira from Imerovigli


A charming restaurant at Oia


Fira cable car


Shops in Fira


Afternoon in Oia

My Travel Reviews

Like many other travellers, I rely a lot on online information. Usually, these are my main source:

1. Tripadvisor- For reviews on places to stay, activities to do/ skip, getting in/ out of the city, weather overview, do’s and dont’s, forum, and etc. http://www.tripadvisor.com

2. Booking.com- For place to stay, and to make room booking. What I like about booking.com is there are many accomodation options that allows user to book and make cancellation for free. I love the search filter and map feature. http://www.booking.com

3. Wikitravel.org – For information about the destination, getting in/out/around, weather overview, what to do, and places to stay. http://www.wikitravel.org

4. Wikipedia.org – For anything pertaining to the destination. the history, culture, political stability, climate,and etc. http://www.wikipedia.org

5. Weather.com- For weather forecast, sunset and sunrise time http://www.weather.com

6. Lonelyplanet.com. http://www.lonelyplanet.com

7. BNM (bank negara malaysia) currency converter. http://www.bnm.gov.my

8. xe.com- Currency converter. http://www.xe.com

9. Google maps http://maps.google.com.my/, not only to know the locations, but also for travel directions and their duration.

10. And google search engine, of course… to search for travel blogs and travel journal for reviews.


Marina Bay Sands


I was on a business trip to Singapore a few months ago and had a chance to stay at Marina Bay Sands. I stayed at premier room in tower 1. Was supposed to stay at Deluxe room but it was fully booked, hence the premier room.

The hotel building was huge. There was over a thousand rooms. My room was at the first tower with garden view. If i had┬áto book the room myself, and if I were on a vacation, I think I would choose tower 2 or 3 for their city view. I didn’t ┬áspend much time in the room this time, anyways… so it was okay. Here are the room photos.

Garden view:

I did checked out the casino (Singapore actually allows Muslim to enter into a casino). I imagined it would be something like Vegas in TV (hahah… Not!). My non-Muslim colleague said, the casino looks like those in Genting and Macau. Guest are not allowed to take any photos inside. So no photos here.

The lobby was kinda crowded. I expected that as I saw multiple reviews in tripadvisor saying the same thing. I think it was because MBS opens their Sky Park to public (at a┬áfee. Hotel guest can enter for free) and there’s a mall adjacent to the hotel.


If you are planning to stay at MBS, do make booking in advance a few weeks/ months ahead. Though they so many room (thousands), the rooms can be highly occupied or full. On my third day there, I heard they were full house!

Austria- Innsbruck & Imst

Innsbruck is famous with its landscape, suitable for winter sports. The city has became winter olympic host several times if I’m not mistaken. Went once to Innsbruck- spent a night there when I was road trippin from Venice to Fussen. The landscape was beautiful! The snow-capped mountains and hilly city…

Here are my photos.

Here are Imst photos. It’s one of the nearby city with Innsbruck. Very touristy place….