I wanna go here again!

Our stay for 5 days

Villa area
Villa area


Happy first anniversary! ❤ Lunch in Fira
On top of the world. Oia.


A photo during suset at Oia sunset viewing point


On a live volcano!
On a live volcano!


An afternoon in Oia


Good morning Santorini!


From our villa


Fira from Imerovigli


A charming restaurant at Oia


Fira cable car


Shops in Fira


Afternoon in Oia

Pulau Lang Tengah – Day 3

05.30AM- Woke up

05.45AM- Gathered down stairs. Only Ayu, Ahtuck, Crab, Mr X (forgot his name), and myself. Ija, Azura and Kemal did not joined. Crab suggested us to walk by the beach, which was full of  huge rocks. That way was quicker than  trekking thru the jungle (45mins to watching spot). We were fine with the idea. Mr X led.  Ayu and I wore slippers. So it was kind of difficult to climb. Slippery rocks at the bottom, the higher ones were well… high (had to be spiderman). Plus it was dark!  But we managed. Initially I wore a sweater over my tank top, thinking that it was early morning and should be very cold. Dang i was wrong… we were not even half way, and I was already sweating like crazy, kalah pergi BodyJam for 1 hour.

06.30-ish- Reached the sunrise watching spot. It faces Pulau Redang. Ahtuck set up his camera. I didnt bring mine. Ahtuck took pictures. We chat, enjoy the view, and modeled for Ahtuck’s pics =p

DISCLAIMER: pictures here are courtesy of Ahtuck. If you wish to use any, please give credit to the photographer. Thank you.

DAY3_DSC_0503 DAY3_DSC_05301

07.30AM Walked back to resort thru the jungle. Walking back was kind of easy as the skies were clear. Crab went back to the resort earlier than us to prepare breakfast for resort guest. Once we reached D’coconut, we woke up the rest.

0800++ Had breakfast. Don offered to guide us to snorkel later. Got back to room. Packed our stuff and transferred them to Ija’s room. We were not able to extend room stay for all rooms, except for Ija’s.

09.30AM Crab joined the snorkeling. Don is the diving instructor there. I think that was the best snorkeling trip within the 3 days!

10.30++ Got back to resort.

11.00AM Hang out at dive centre

DAY3_DSC_0552 DAY3_DSC_0569

11.30AM Took more pictures but the jetty

12.00PM Azura and I went back to Ija’s room to clean up. Ija, Ahtuck, Ayu and Kemal went for a dip at the swimming pool.

01.00PM Checked out. Took farewell pictures at dive centre. Said goodbye to everyone. Exchange phone numbers.


01.15PM Get into our boat to Merang

02.00PM Reached Merang. Headed to Kuala Terengganu on Ija’s new car. Had lunch. Went to Pasar Payang. Didn’t buy anything. I was very tired and sleepy. Imagine you woke up at 5.30AM, then rock climbing (as if… hehe) for 20-30mins in the dark… with scratches here and there,  then jungle trekking, then went to snorkel under the hot sun, and photo shoot under the hot sun. All within 6 hours. I don’t know where did I get all the energy. I bet it was adrenaline. Island adrenaline. Hehe.

05.00PM Went to a photo shop and made CD copies of photos by Ahtuck. I just sat at a corner of the photo shop as I felt dizzy. Hahaha. over gile. Said goodbye to Ija  and Ahtuck.

05.30PM We took a cab to the airport. At airport, I freshened up + put on my sweater, and just relax.

07.00PM Flight check-in

07.30PM Dinner

08.30PM flight to kl