When in Rome…

This is a long overdue post in 2010. We stayed near the Roma Termini. What I love most about our room, was it’s bathroom. It was hu-geeeee, and the shower system has massage jets! oh.so.nice. I did not take a photo. The B&B reminded me of old apartments in movies- with old cage-elevator. Like in Bourne movies… hahahahaha.

And the tall winding staircase. *Gun fighting scene in head* dramatic again.  Just can’t help it.

We took a taxi from airport. Initially we wanted to take a bus.  Waited for almost an hour and there was no bus, plus the queue was very long (morning). We couldn’t waste our precious time waiting. Better to spend them to see Rome 🙂

Here are photos on the way to our B&B.

Til later, the first Rome attraction we went to was the Colosseum.

Venice – Part 2

I watched travel channel recently, and I learnt that Venice comprises of more than 100 small lands, connected with over 117 bridges.  And there are more than 150 canals. So if you are in Venice, you’ll see bridges everywhere.






And gondolas and gondolier. Price of one gondola could be as high as car price in Malaysia.


Was mesmerized with the picturesque view of canals with old building along it’s side. Its amazing how these structures can survive for so long with so much water around them.



And there were a lot of alleys. You better have a map with you! We lost twice. I recall we were saying, didn’t we passed this alley before? We eventually took out the map we got from our hotel.


Venice Part1 cont’ – Pizza San Marco

Piazza San Marco at night was beautiful, and during daytime, was even better! Let the photo explain by itself.

There was restoration work, so part of the Basilica was covered.

Theater posters. Wish to have more time in Venice so we could watch the theater. I’m a fan of theater. Next time…

Venice- Part 1

We had our breakfast in hotel. Though we only eat halal, there were still plenty of options for us like cereal, cakes, bread, butter, jam, nutella, bun, tarts, pies, pastries, yogurt, croissant, eggs, fruit juice, milk, coffee, and tea. Pretty hearty right.

The temperature on that day was not very high (2 degrees celcius) as compared to when we were in Firenze and Rome.  But the wind chill made me felt like it was the coldest during the entire trip!


Hard Rock Cafe Venice
Hard Rock Cafe Venice, near our hotel.


Did not take the gondala ride. It was too cold! I just had to walk. Fast.


Venice shops
Window shopping! Rows of quaint-looking little shops.

Most of these shops look similar to shops in Firenze and Rome, and the goods sold were also somewhat similar- cookies, leather goods, chocolates and candies, souvenirs, antiques, and pretty and dainty clothing. I love the fact that Italy is doing historic preservation to not only their religious building and historical monuments. Shops in old buildings are just much pleasing to eyes.

Venice is famous with Murano glass and Venetian face mask. There was a Carnivale in the next 2-3 weeks, so masks were sold everywhere, including on moving carts!

Venice is famous with Murano glass and Venetian face mask. There was a Carnivale in the next 2-3 weeks, so masks were sold everywhere, including on moving carts!


Rialto bridge
Water taxi stop near the famous Rialto Bridge. It was rush hour when we were there.


The Grand Canal near Rialto bridge.



Went to Rialto Market. All veggies were expensive as it was end of winter. Its Venice… What’s not expensive here?


Couldn’t help to snap this advertisement. Hahahaha.

Next, we went to Piazza San Marco.


Venice shops
Shops near the Piazza.


Venice- by night

Venice… one of my favourite cities!

I departed Rome in the morning and stopped in Firenze. Firenze was beautiful! Post on Firenze will have to wait. Venice now. Instead of  taking train or flight, we drove all the way from Rome, and  Austria and Germany after Venice. The route was scenic and lovely.

We parked our car at the ferry terminal, took the water taxi to Venice and arrived in Piazza San Marco at about 7-ish PM.

Stayed at a beautiful quaint hotel near Piazza Saint Marco- Hotel San Gallo. The Hotel was just  50meters away from the piazza. These were the route we took to go to our hotel.






Quad-room for us. With extra beds. After checked-in, we went out for dinner.






Venice by day- for next post!